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At www.AuntieClean.com, we offer professional and quality home cleaning services for all types of residential apartment in Singapore. Our cleaners have more than 10 years of cleaning experience.

You need a part time cleaner? We have them on standby

Regardless if you need home cleaning services due to:

  • After a week of no cleaning
  • After your weekend house party
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Moving into a new home
  • After a renovation

We can and will always make your home clean!


Our professional cleaners can assist you on the following home cleaning services:

  • Ad-hoc home cleaning
  • One time home cleaning
  • Weekly home cleaning

Our main home cleaning capabilities are:

  • Sweeping / vacuuming the floor
  • Mopping the floor clean
  • Dusting your furniture
  • Washing your dishes
  • Rubbish removal
  • We wash your clothes using washing machine and hang your wet clothes to dry once in a week.
  • Kitchen cleaning services – We clean your counter tops, kitchen sinks, and appliances.
  • Cleaning toilets, basin, bathroom, and tubs

and more……

We understand that the present lifestyle has necessitated using various resources to minimise your workload at home. As official work has trespassed its limits to sneak into the hours you wish to spend for your family, it becomes inevitable to use professional help to maintain your home. Using our home cleaning services would help you to spend quality time with your family.

5 top reasons why many of our customers keep engaging our home cleaning services:

1) Professional, Honest, Experience
With more than 10 years of cleaning experience, we have served more than 1000 happy customers in Singapore.

2) Time Saved Is Time Gained
Hiring home cleaning services will save you quality time, which you could use for other important purposes. Your client may be breathing down your neck and you may have to help your child with a couple of school projects. This is when house cleaning services would come in handy.

3) Save Some Energy
It is your home, all right, but cleaning the house could be a tiresome process. Home cleaning adds to your existing workload, which you cannot postpone to another date or hand over charge to someone else. You may already be exhausted by your current routine and it might be difficult to imagine cleaning the house. This is why many people choose house cleaning services. It saves your energy for other work. Even otherwise, you get time to relax by entrusting house cleaning job to a professional agency.

4) Professional Help Displays Quality
Professional touch makes a great difference to your home. You may give your best, but professional help is always a great choice as their experience gives them an upper hand in knowledge and expertise when it comes to house cleaning. At AuntieClean.com, we know how to handle your furniture, floors, wall hangings and kitchen appliances to keep them free of dust and bacteria. Give us a chance to show you that how efficient we are.

5) House Cleaning Services Are Wallet Friendly
If you run a comparison on the rates charged by part time maid vs a one time home cleaning services, you are sure to find the charges by us are very reasonable. Be assured that our reasonable charges are not compromised by our professional cleaning services.

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More than a home cleaning company

Is the haze back in Singapore? Yes or No? Let’s stop the guessing game.

At AuntieClean.com, our objective is to keep you and your family safe by minimizing the harmful bacterias in your home. That’s why we sweep, vacuum, mop and wash for you. However, cleaning is much more than that and some require daily cleaning. Yes, we are referring to the air we breathe in every day.

Cleaning the air may be beyond what we can do for you now but that doesn’t mean we overlooked such an important factor. Our team has come out with the type of air-purifier we recommend to keep you and your family safe from the possible haze and the harmful bacterias that are found in the air.

Click to download our recommended air-purifier for your home. It’s 100% free because we care. Download link: HEPA for Clean Air