Fees Involved In House Cleaning Services In Singapore

Keeping the house clean could be a tiresome process if you are a part of today’s world. The clock seems to tick too fast for you to have time to eat and sleep leave alone cleaning the house. The situation necessitates availing house cleaning services in Singapore so that you could have some time for yourself and your family. Before employing house cleaning services, it would do well to know the charges involved in house cleaning so that you could be braced for what comes in the form of bill. Here is an insight on what to expect in terms of rates from house cleaning services.


Know the charges before engaging a cleaning company

Cleaning Packages

The packages offered by house cleaning services are varied. They have weekly cleaning services such as once, twice and thrice a week cleaning service. They offer to do one time cleaning service as well. Whatever package you choose, you need to make full payment/ deposit upfront. You may be billed additional charges for additional cleaning services required.

Registration Fee

When you register with house cleaning services in Singapore, some agencies charge a sum as registration fee. For one time cleaning, registration is not required whereas for regular cleaning and employing maid on a regular basis through them, you will need to register. Do note that not all agencies charge registration fee or agency fee. You could check up with different agencies to compare various charges and make your decision based on that.

Weekend Fee

Weekend fees are charged by most house cleaning services in Singapore. The charges vary as some agencies charge additional S$20 for weekend cleaning, while some may charge S$10 per cleaner per session. Again, weekend fee varies based on the type of package you choose. An agency might charge S$10 per session during weekend for a one time package but it might charge S$5 per session during weekend for a weekly cleaning service package.

Additional Charges

House cleaning services bill you additional charges for extended hours of work. When the work extends beyond the agreed upon time, the charges for every extended hour for every employee will be included in the bill. You may ask for details regarding additional charges billed by the house cleaning services so that you could compare the rates and opt for the one that best suits you.

Check If There Are Hidden Charges

While most of the house cleaning services are transparent in their offers, there are chances that some might charge you more than what was initially promised. Hence, it would do well to confirm if there are hidden charges. You could ask for a quotation so that you will have all details regarding billing, which would greatly minimise the risk of your being charged more than what is due.

Once you have all the rates charged by various house cleaning agencies with you, make a comparative study to choose the one that would fit the bill perfectly. While a service that does not charge registration fee might sound appealing, it might be charging more per session or more per weekend session. Hence, take into account all charges before you enter into an agreement. Also, take into account their terms and conditions regarding damaged or lost property. Most important of all would be to ensure that the company you are dealing with has the reputation of being great at house cleaning services.