How To Clean Your Wardrobe?

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time before your wardrobe everyday but still leaving unsatisfied with your choice of outfit? Do you feel that you have nothing good to wear, be it to your office or to a party, though your wardrobe is full of clothes? Rest assured from the fact that you are not alone. Setting aside your sentiments, if you were to do your own home cleaning and clean your wardrobe, you will end up with more space to welcome new clothes.

It may sound crazy to someone who does not have this sort of a ‘wardrobe experience’, if you were to say that you don’t have dress to wear. With a wardrobe full of clothes, this might be the last one anyone would want to believe in. Blame it on the fashion world that keeps tempting you with latest updates. The only bad effect is that the trend changes so soon that most of your outfits are outdated even before they are just a few months old. Well, to keep up with fashion, you need to clean your closet. This is how you go about it.


If You Don’t Recall, Just Discard

If you could not recall when was the last time you wore a particular outfit, it just deserves to be discarded. If you don’t trust your memory, you may give the outfit another chance. Just consider if it is still in your list of favorites and if you would like to wear it in the near future. If your answer is ‘no’, close the door on the dress.

Dealing With ‘Yes’, ‘No’ And ‘Unsure’ 

Find some space for yourself amidst the pile of clothes and start sorting them out. If a dress gets a nod, it goes to ‘yes’, and naturally you know what to do with a dress that does not appeal anymore. If you are unsure about a particular outfit, put it aside as ‘unsure’.

 ‘Unsure’ Clothes: Get back to the clothes about which you are not sure. Try again to split them as ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Still unsuccessful? Check if the dresses are intact without the need to do any alteration or repair work. If there is anything to be done, you can toss it in the ‘no’ section, because if you have not done it so far, chances are that you will not do them anymore.

‘No’ Clothes: Once you are done with it, pick up the clothes you do not want to wear any more and just put it in a box and tape it before your mind craves to offer it a second chance.

‘Yes’ Clothes: To complete what you had begun, you need to organize the clothes in such a way that it becomes easier for you to select every day. Fold all the clothes other than those that need to be hung up. Categorize them based on their types to reduce the time spent in front of the wardrobe every day.

Check Before You Shop

Now that you have discarded many clothes, you may begin to feel that you are really short of dresses. Before you feel tempted to add to your collections, take time to consider if you are indeed right. If yes, make a note of the colors that you don’t have now but love to have. Also consider the dress types that you would like to buy. While at it, ensure that they are not the types that you had thrown away considering that you no longer fit in them well.

If you don’t feel that you really need more dresses at the moment, you can pat yourself on your back for being so honest and may be treat yourself with a couple of latest fashion accessories to go with the ‘yes’ clothes. For all the work you had done, you really deserve it.