Maid vs Part Time House Cleaning Services

The changing work schedule of the people have brought about changes in almost every aspect of life be it their personal life, business or social life. Longer working hours with lesser time to spend together as a family have made people look for easy ways to take care of the basic needs of the house so that their quality time is not wasted. This is why house cleaning services in Singapore are gaining more importance. Gone are the days when one employed the services of housemaid on a regular basis to clean the house. Most of them find employing a house cleaning service to be a better option. If you are stranded in your tracks for choice, here is a comparative study to help you decide. 


Daily Cleaning Vs. Periodical Cleaning

When you employ the services of house maid, you get the work done on a daily basis whereas house cleaning agency can be scheduled for a particular number of visits a week based on your needs. While cleaning your house daily might sound an appealing option, you need to consider the time management factor. You need to be available when the housemaid comes in for work and you may have to reschedule your work depending on it. While some maids efficiently handle all the workload without the need for supervision, with some housemaids, you need to be keeping an eye to ensure that the work is well done. This could eat up your time, which you wanted to avoid while availing the services of housemaid.

When you employ the services of house cleaning agency, the team the agency sends is well-trained to handle the needs of your house and hence there will not be much for you to do and your time and energy are saved. They come on days that are convenient for you and hence you have your time very much under your control.

House Cleaning Services Are Wallet Friendly

The next factor that you need to consider after time is the money you spend for the services. Employing a housemaid turns out to be costlier than employing part time cleaner. Fixed monthly rates or hourly rates, you will find housemaid to be expensive than house cleaning agencies, which offer a better deal. Where hourly rates are concerned, you stand a chance of being charged more based on the style of working of the individual. Where house cleaning agency is concerned, you will not be charged more than what is rightly due.

Absenteeism And Consistency

You pay a good amount for keeping your house clean and all you expect is to have a regular work done on that. Excepting a few housemaids who never fail to be present, you come across those who absent themselves from work or quit their job with short notice leaving you in a mess. If you employ house cleaning services, you can be assured that you will have a team work for you and it is not your headache to inquire into the background before employing someone. You make a call and you have a trained professional team to take over from where you left.

You intend to save time and energy spent on house cleaning by having a helping hand. What could be a better option than a professional hand extended by house cleaning services?