One Time Cleaning

What Does One Time House Cleaning Service Offer You?

Keeping the house clean ensures that you have a healthy atmosphere. While cleaning the house has to be a routine process, there are times when one might want to go in for one time house cleaning services. Let us look into the reasons for opting one time house cleaning service.

When Would You Need One Time House Cleaning Service?

Certain occasions demand that you seek professional help for cleaning your house. Since thorough cleaning might be needed, you might want a professional hand.

Moving In: If you are moving into your newly acquired home, you are sure to want every thing perfect, clean and tidy to enable comfortable settling down. This could be an ideal situation for availing one time house cleaning services.

Returning After Renovation: If you had your home remodeled and shifting back to your home, you may want to clean up everything to justify the facelift given to your house. Since renovation work would have involved your frequent visits and inspections, you may be too exhausted to clean your home. This again highlights the need for professional assistance.

Celebrations: When celebration time is round the corner and you are busy shopping, you would not want to be spending your time with vacuum cleaners and mops. New Year, Christmas, Hari Raya and Deepavali are some of the celebrations that could keep you busy and excited. A part time cleaner will comes in handy.

Spring Cleaning: Come spring season and you might want to have your house cleaned thoroughly, top to bottom. You are sure to need professional help, as with heavy workload these days, you might not want to add up to your burden.    

Welcome, Guests: If you were expecting a special guest, you sure would want your home look the best. Even if the special guest were going to stay for two hours or for two days, you would want to impress upon the guest with maximum comfort and clean environment. Particularly if the arrival of the guest is sudden and you do not have enough time on your hand to do it yourself, you may seek one time house cleaning services.

Welcome, New Tenant: If your earlier tenant moves out and a new tenant is due to occupy your property, you need to hand over the keys after cleaning your house and making it look as fresh as new.

Exiting After Contract Ends: If you have been living in a house on a contract basis and if you need to move out after the contract ends, you need to return the keys after the house is duly cleaned. You need to get back your advance and you need to remain in the good books of the property owner. Hence, it is best suggested to use professional help to clean the house.

We provide one time cleaning services for all occasions

We provide one time cleaning services for all occasions

Services Offered By One Time Cleaning Job

  • Sweeping / vacuuming the floor
  • Mopping services
  • Dusting the furniture, wall hangings such as pictures and frames
  • Wipe the exteriors of the cabinets. The interiors are wiped if they are empty.
  • Kitchen cleaning services – cleaning kitchen sinks, appliances and counter tops.
  • Cleaning toilets, basins, bathrooms and tubs.

Charges For One Time Cleaning

Our home cleaning services fee:

This month promotion:
S$100 for 4 hours 
(Weekday cleaning only. For weekend cleaning, there will be additional $10): This is suitable for Studio Apartment that is lesser than 800 square feet. (Original price at $120 for 4 hours cleaning).

S$130 for 5 hours (Weekday cleaning only. For weekend cleaning, there will be additional $10): This is suitable for 3 to 5 room HDB flat or Condo Apartment that is above 800 square feet. (Original price at $150 for 5 hours cleaning).

You can also check out our weekly cleaning services for more discount.

Kindly note that you will be billed additional charge of S$20 for extension of every hour for each cleaner. For availing weekend services, additional charge of S$10 will be charged.


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