Tips To Effective Spring Cleaning

While the fresh look your home gets after spring cleaning can motivate you to take up the task on your hands, the process involved in it could scare you. Well, it need not be difficult if you know how to work it out. Here are some home cleaning service tips to effective spring cleaning.


Show Junk The Door

The best way to start spring cleaning is to identify junk in every corner of your home and dispose them even if you need to close your eyes while at it. If you are going to get sentimental about throwing things away, you may have a clean home by the end of the spring cleaning session but it would be a clean home with junk. By disposing the junk, you gain more space at home, in your wardrobes, in the bedroom, kitchen and your garden. Looks apart, having junk at home can affect your health. Once you do away with the waste, you can assume that you have a considerable work load completed.

Be Aware

Knowing what has to be done takes you half way there. Know how to deal with all surfaces, be it wooden floor or tiled surface. Learn how to remove stains from floors, carpets, kitchen tops, bathroom and toilet tiles. Consider which is the best way to wash your doors, windows, walls and garage. Once you have a clear idea, you will know how to plan your spring cleaning effectively.

Be Equipped           

To let the cleaning progress steadily, you need the required cleaning materials on hand. This would help you plan adequately and your working speed will not suffer for want of necessary materials. Make out a list of all you need to do and write against each the materials you require for cleaning. Start spring cleaning after you acquire the necessary cleaning materials. You not only save time; you also stay focused.                        

Start Right At The Top

To make sure you do it right, you need to start at the top and work your way down. It would prevent dirt accumulation in the place you have just cleaned. This way, you ensure that your efforts are not wasted.

Inside Out

Just as you work top down, you need to work inside out. Whether it is a room or the whole house, it is best to do the interiors before you work outside.

Take One At A Time

The task may seem very difficult if you attempt to do all in one go. Instead of setting about cleaning the whole house, you take one room at a time. You may do even a part of the room. Accomplishing a task can motivate you to perform better and quicker.

Curtains And Carpets

Your curtains and carpets are not to be forgotten if you want a fresh look and hygienic atmosphere at home. Curtains and carpets are the most neglected during routine cleaning. Cleaning them at least once or twice a year is not asking for too much, right? Carpets require deep cleaning to remove dirt and stain. If you are using a carpet cleaner for the first time, try it out on an area concealed from view. Once you are sure that you have it right, you can clean the whole carpet. Remember to keep your windows open so that the carpets would dry faster.

Clean Your Furniture

If you had not spent more time cleaning your furniture round the year apart from regular dusting, it is high time you did some deep cleaning during spring. Give your furniture the best look and long life by keeping them clean. Change covers, wash your cushion covers and remove stains, if any, on your cushions. Since your furniture comes under the list of the items that receive more traffic, you need to clean them periodically.

Check All Coils And Wires

It is not uncommon among people to take things for granted at home. To ensure safety, you need to check if all the coils and wires are safe. Now that you are into spring cleaning, you can hire a professional to check if all wires are intact. With help, replace old wiring, clean your air conditioner and check all your electronic appliances.

You give a completely fresh look to your home when you complete the task. A home that is clean, safe and sparkling bright and the right place to unwind after a long day at work.